Continuous Ink Jet Inks

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With over 340 different inks, Videojet is the right partner to support you in finding the ideal ink for your application. Beyond our wide range of general purpose inks, Videojet offers a portfolio of high performance inks to meet your application needs.

  • Beverage
  • Food Industries
  • Industrial
  • Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical
  • Documents

Fast dry

Ideal for: High speed bottling applications and เครื่องดื่ม aseptic packaging

High contrast

Ideal for: Extruded products including glass and plastic bottles and containers


Ideal for: High speed bottling applications, cans and bulk water packaging

Food grade

Ideal for: ไข่s, candy and confectionery; and certain incidental food-contact products such as flavor packets contained within a food package

Flexible films/plastics

Ideal for: Food packaging bags and pouches, cups, tubs and shrink films

Fast dry

Ideal for: High speed consumer packaged goods including food packages using films and stretch/shrink wraps; for decoration and branding

Retort and thermochromic black to red and black to blue

Ideal for: Soups, vegetables, sauces in aluminum and tin-free steel cans; chopped meat in polyester, nylon, aluminum and polypropylene film laminated pouches; and single serving plastic tubs and trays

Light/fade resistant

Ideal for: Extruded window frames, cable/wire temporarily stored outdoors and วัสดุก่อสร้าง

High contrast

Ideal for: Extruded products including cable, wire, pipe, hoses and belts

heat cured

Ideal for: Automotive and aerospace parts exposed to environmental solvents including oil, lubricating fluids, antifreeze and diesel fuel; electronic components and parts (extruded and molded connectors and housings subjected to cleaning solvents and defluxers)

Oil penetrating

Ideal for: Automotive parts, formed metal extrusions and stampings and plastic components formed using mold release compounds

Heat /steam cure

Ideal for: Automotive radiator hoses, transmission belts, tires and extruded butyl rubber moldings

high temperature resistant

Ideal for: PVC, PE, PP and cross-link PE

Invisible fluorescing; UV readable

Ideal for: Aerosol cans, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic packaging

High contrast

Ideal for: Extruded products including glass and plastic bottles and containers

Flexible films/plastics

Ideal for: Cosmetic and chemical bottles

Solvent/chemical resistant; heat cured

Ideal for: Personal care products containing certain soaps and isopropyl alcohol

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